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"It is refreshing to find a book that explains why the best way to run a business is to be yourself, respect your people, and trust everyone with the freedom to do their job" John Timpson, Chairman, Timpson Ltd.

Creating Authentic Organizations (Ryde & Sofianos, Kogan Page, 2014)


In today's complex and global economy it's more important than ever that we empower employees to bring their authentic selves to work. Doing so can lead to increased innovation, productivity and organizational resilience, as well as supporting employee well-being and engagement.


Creating Authentic Organizations presents the fatal flaws in traditional leadership and provides a powerful framework for a new set of management principles based on the freedom to operate, meaningful dialogue and a deep search for personal meaning at work. 



"A must read for every HR Professional" 

Professor Cary Cooper

"A thought-provoking read from Ryde and Sofianos and a voice of sanity in the asylum..." 

Professor Keith Grint

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